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Dog pile.

13 Mar

There is so much dog shit in our front yard. Like, dump truck loads. We just kept leaving it all winter long because it kept snowing and getting covered up, so it was easy to just pretend it didn’t exist. Now spring has sprung, and the mild 55 degree weather is uncovering the rotting, stinking land-mines that are literally covering every square foot of the lawn. Something needs to be done. I feel that a controlled fire is the best solution.

Recently I watched a documentary on Netflix called “Dogs Decoded,” all about the dog-human connection and the domestication of dogs. There is little dispute that dogs seem to have evolved from wolves. Researchers began there to see how dogs became as compatible with humans as they are today. Beginning with a litter of wolf cubs, some people skilled with raising dogs house trained and raised the wolf cubs from birth, bottle feeding them, letting them sleep in their beds, treating them exactly like they would an indoor dog. Despite their best efforts, these young wolves never ended up acting like dogs, but instead remained wild and wolf-like in their behavior.


Next, they tried with foxes. At a farm where they had hundreds of caged black-colored Russian foxes, the researchers selected the tamest, mildest ones for breeding. They only allowed the best tempered foxes to mate. It turns out that these foxes produced tame babies as well. They continued the experiment, breeding tame foxes with only other tame foxes, and what they found was that tame foxes started producing different physical traits, even drastic ones such as completely white coats, grey coats, spotted coats, floppier ears, curly tails, and more. This discovery made the evolution and domestication of dogs a bit easier to understand.


As exciting as this discovery is, I still do not get how we started with wolves and foxes, and ended up with pugs, Great Danes, and Chinese Crested’s. Not to mention these f@#%ing things:

The canine breed “Puli.”  This thing did not come from a wolf. It came from a janitor’s closet. This is a mop with a face. I don’t care what kind of lasers, clay, drugs, or staples you’re using, you cannot turn a wolf into a Puli. Or a pug. Just stop joking around. Pugs came from amoebas and pigs. Great Danes? Horses. Chinese cresteds: Steve Buscemi.

You see, there are far better explanations for these breeds of canines than wolf descent. Show me some proof, Nye. Show me some proof.


….Okay, one more.

It makes me really uncomfortable when people consistently type in all capital letters. I have noticed that adults new to computers do this a lot. I have an aunt that does it. In addition she also disregards all necessary punctuation, which really intensifies the effect. She’ll leave me comments and messages that say things like, “REBECCA YOU HAVE GROWN UP SO MUCH I REMEMBER WHEN YOU WERE JUST A LITTLE GIRL RUNNING AROUND IN YOUR RAINBOOTS  WE LOVE AND MISS YOU XOXO.”

It’s exhausting.

Well, time to go to sleep. Tomorrow Trent and I leave for California to ride Heavenly for a few days. Whoop!  Adios.




Puppy Love.

7 Mar

No matter how good you are at bowling, it doesn’t make you cool. Some sports are like that. These are the sports that I like to play. Because being shitty at bowling is perfectly acceptable and not eligible for judgement. Are you and the gutter in a committed relationship? You’ll still make friends at the alley. Do you nail all strikes and spares? Still not getting laid. It’s interesting. Now, if you can’t make a Continue reading