House(fly) Salad.

7 Jun

A big flashy “thank you” to all of you bandwagoners who hopped on board and assisted me in coercing that thief to remove my material from his site. It worked! In less than 7 hours, we succeeded. Not only did I get help from all the people who know me in real life, but I also received quite a bit of support from randoms out in the world wide web out there who also ratted on this person for stealing my material. I really appreciate it, folks!

I would like to directly quote the individual who plagiarized Sheppard’s Pie who retorted to my messages demanding he remove my material from his site and get a life. He said, and I quote,

“for the record I didn’t say I wrote them, everyone knew you wrote them and I was just making you popular.”



Let’s take a look at what he wrote on the top right corner of “his” website:

Aside from the creepy Avatar of my own face that he is using, let’s look further into the verbage underneath.

Maybe I’m a complete and total moron, but to me, the statement, “Credits to Becca Sheppard for helping me make this journal certainly does not suggest that I wrote the material and everyone knew it, as he so claims. It sounds like….well, it sounds exactly like it says. This statement alone reads as if I “assisted” this person in creating a blog.

Why would I do that? I’m way too selfish.

And WHY would he use such a homosexual teddy bear background? Give me a break. Bottom line: don’t plagiarize unless you want to be scorned.

And sued.

Moving forward.

I came home tonight, famished, and put together a nice big bowl of salad with Kraft Caesar Vinaigrette dressing, some garlic croutons, and some delicious romano/parmesan cheese sprinkled all over it. Just now as I was reaching the bottom of my glorious salad, I shoveled the last forkful into my mouth just in time to peer into my bowl and spot…..A HOUSEFLY!

I blew chunks into my bowl.

UGH. This is truly nauseating. It’s an entire, full-bodied insect. The only thing that would have been worse than finding an entire housefly in my salad would have been finding half a housefly in my salad. Thank god I didn’t. There is nothing I can do to make my mouth feel safe or clean right now. I feel like I need to scrub it with sandpaper and CLR before I can feel okay about this again. At least the fly never made it into my mouth. That would have been the end of it. I would have gone mad.

Eating strawberries is such a gamble. Sometimes they taste so sweet and delicious, and sometimes they taste like snake venom. It’s really frustrating. I don’t like biting into a ruby red strawberry and then having to do a double-take to confirm that I didn’t just bite into a tart lemon. I like my berries sweet and sexy. You know what I’m saying?

WELL, time for me to hit the hay. I have a real mattress though.

Your friend,



B:  I wonder if I can sue the salad company and make a grip on it.

R:  I doubt it; I think it’s safe to assume you’re gonna get bugs in your salad once in a while.
I think you’ll be fine anyway, look at all those African kids who have flies flying in and out of their eyeballs all day. You just had one hanging out in your salad.

6 Responses to “House(fly) Salad.”

  1. Maggie June 8, 2011 at 8:41 am #

    My first thought when I saw the teddy bear background was, “Wow….that person does not know Becca at all…”

  2. Promus June 8, 2011 at 8:22 pm #

    Actually, it got taken down due to the fact that it was plagiarism, not because you got people to spam the site. Can you leave the site now, or are you planning to embarrass yourself further?

  3. beccasheppard June 8, 2011 at 8:49 pm #

    I’m not embarrassed, “Promus.” Then again, I’m not the one with a Pokemon character as my profile picture.

    In other news, had the material been taken down “due to the fact that it was plagiarism” as you say, it would never have been posted in the first place. The administrator to the site did not coerce that user to remove the material. The user removed it himself after much confrontation.

    Thanks for trying anyway,

    Hope your dick isn’t sore from anime porn,

  4. Promus June 9, 2011 at 1:14 am #

    Haha I already explained why I had my profile picture as a pokemon, but as expected your mental capacity couldn’t hold it. Actually, his journal was removed from an admin. Know how I know? If you delete the posts then the shoutbox still has posts in it. If it was banned, you can’t even open it, which is what happened.

    If you aren’t embarrassed, then you should be. You came on our site, told your audience and family to attack our members and then have the ego to advertise your blog.

    • beccasheppard June 9, 2011 at 7:52 am #

      SIGH, oh sweet little Promus. Yet again, I get to make you feel inferior. Allow me to copy and paste, i.e. direct quote the administrator on Xenophase after the first email I sent him about the plagiarism:

      “ to me

      show details Jun 7 (1 day ago)

      Hello Becca,

      Yes, this is the correct place for it (the forums work too, but this e-mail
      address is better and more direct).

      It looks like the offender has already removed all material from his journal of
      his own accord. Nonetheless, I have noted his account and will keep a watch on
      all material from this user for the next while, to ensure this behaviour is not
      repeated (with your blog or any others).

      Thank you for letting us know.

      Xenophase Staff”

      How many more opportunities are you going to give me to make you look like a degenerate? Just let me know. In a battle of wits, you will always lose.

      Oh – and yes, I did forget that you “already explained why your profile picture was of Pokemon.” You said, “Oh and my profile picture is a Cubone. My favourite pokemon..”

      hahaha. Keep your head up,

  5. Franker June 12, 2011 at 8:20 pm #

    Someone did the same thing to me once. They plagiarized all my blog material under the title “My” Thoughts, as if putting the word “my” in quotes would somehow alleviate all copyright concerns.

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