Magic Mushrooms.

11 Jan

Bassnectar makes me want to just absolutely trip balls. Anyone? Anyone else? Never in my life have I wanted to do LSD more than while listening to “Timestretch” or “Wildstyle Method,” letting it melt my brain and shoot rainbows out of my ears. It has taken control of me. Things are about to get weird.

Today I finally decided to get myself some glucosamine supplements to aid my decomposing, squeaky, sore joints. I am now on the same dietary supplements that my roommates’ bulldog is on for her hips. We’re breaking down, she and I. Hopefully these additions to my diet will keep my knees and hips nice and lubricated and ready for all sorts of action. You know, spontaneous karate, long-jumps, climbing on the counter to reach kettlecorn way up on the top shelf, dirty stuff, extreme sports. That sort of thing.

I wish my hair would just catch on that I am going to keep dyeing it the exact same colors over and over and over again, and just start growing that way naturally. Why does it keep making me touch up my roots every 5 weeks? Unreal. Even dogs learn from repetition. Can’t my locks just figure it out already? L’Oreal Feria is getting so many dollars from me. So many.

Last night I laid in bed from 11 pm until 3:30 am unable to drift off into a blissful slumber. I was so pissed. For four and a half hours, I laid there staring at the ceiling, slipping slowly into madness, trying to get my brain to let me drift peacefully into unconsciousness. This is a dangerous cycle to get into. If I can’t fall asleep until really, REALLY late, and then I sleep late to make up for it, then I push my bedtime back once more, and I am stuck in the same disturbed sleeping pattern. It’s 5 pm right now, and I would love nothing more than to collapse into a two hour nap to make up for only sleeping for five hours last night, but if I do, then I’ll be awake to see 3 am again. Bring on the caffeine, doc.

…there goes that cycle again.



“I’m like, drunk over here, lookin’ at COU-pons! ….I’m out of control.”


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