Does this desk make me look fat?

2 Jan

I’m impossibly good at word games. Challenge me in Scrabble, Up-Words, Word Scramble, or Scattegories, and prepare to go home crying. I will dominate anyone who contends my title. And I do. That’s the problem. I get really, really aggressive and competitive playing these games. See, I’m bad at a lot of things. Sports, cooking, navigating while driving, remembering things, etc. But I am really good at word games. Therefore, I take the challenge to the maximum level. I don’t think people like playing these games with me because of my insane nature during these activities. The problem is, no one else’s brain is as sharp as mine. That’s not my fault. I think I need some friends whose vernacular is as rich as mine to play with. Actually, I just need friends in general.

I am a lonely girl up here in Colorado. Ever since the ripe age of 19, I have been traveling all over the country like Carmen San Diego, miles and miles away from all my comrades. It’s catching up to me. I need my social circle within driving distance of me before I go mad. I can never say anything like, “Hey, want to come over tonight?” Everyone is so far away. I have no one to hang out with except my dog. And my husband. But he watches a lot of football.

I crashed really bad while snowboarding on Friday afternoon. I slammed my teeth together really hard. I’ve been slowly chipping away at my front right tooth for about four years now. I’m starting to get really paranoid about ruining it. I’m really neurotic about my teeth. I also gave myself whiplash. My neck is a-HURTIN’! Send me some Vicodin. I need it.

I recently began using Skype. What an exciting invention. Boy do I love technology. When I can understand/use it, anyway. The problem with Skype though is that with my computer seated on my lap while I sit in my bed to chat with someone, the angle is very unforgiving. It makes my head look like an egg, and really accentuates my double-chin. Instead of looking at the person I am talking to, I’m frowning in disgust at the shape of my face. Maybe I should invest in a desk.

I ate leftover Chinese food for breakfast. It’s only a matter of time before I regret my decision. General tso and crab rangoon are going to punish my insides later this afternoon. Weather forecast: cloudy with a chance of meatballs.  (Johnny)

WELL, I’m off to the gosh darn post office and then to get myself a book that I hope I read. Bye.


Becca: Dan, have you ever put ketchup on your macaroni and cheese?

Dan: Nope.

Becca: Do you even know what you’re missing?!

Dan: …probably the ketchup flavor.



One Response to “Does this desk make me look fat?”

  1. cassiecares January 3, 2011 at 11:56 am #

    I used to stack my laptop on books. That way the camera is at eye level. The last thing a long-distance boyf needs to see is my double chin.

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