Puppy love.

12 Oct

Has it been that long already?

I don’t know what sort of time frame I was referencing there. I’ll let you make up your own. People like being creative. You like that, people, don’t you? Being creative?

Trent and I finally got a puppy last Monday. I have spent the last three months repeating, “I cannot WAIT to get a dog,” every twenty minutes day in and day out. Now I’m repeating, “I am so GLAD we got a dog!” every twenty minutes day in and day out. It’s science. Maybe it’s not science. I’m annoying.

Anyhooter, after spending 12 weeks scouring Petfinder.com 24/7 with my eyes peeled and my nose stuck  to the computer screen, clicking away and drooling at my computer, I found a little rottweiler/lab mix at a pet shelter here in Mechanicsburg. I fell in love, and two days later, Trent and I went back to adopt her. We filled out an application, answered a bunch of questions to the manager there, and the last thing we needed to do was have them contact our apartment landlord to verify that pets were allowed in our complex, which they are. The manager gets off the phone and says sadly, “I’m really sorry, but your apartment complex doesn’t allow German shepherds, rottweilers, chows, Dobermans, or pitbulls….they won’t let you have this dog.” My heart sank and my stomach knotted. I was so sad. I decided to call the landlord.

“Hi, the pet shelter just called you and you said we can’t have this puppy because it’s part rottweiler. Can you take into consideration that this dog is only 9 weeks old, weighs like 11 pounds, AND we’re going to be moving out of this apartment in less than four weeks? Is it really that big of a deal?” I insisted. They said no. I hung up.

“Do you want to pick a different one…?” the shelter manager offered.

“No,” I said, and dragged my feet back to the car. I went home, infuriated.

Then, Trent and I had a brilliant idea. We would have Kristen go adopt the puppy the very next day, and just give her to us! Aha, I had outsmarted the stupid apartment managers, and I would still have my way. The next day, Kristen and I hopped in the car to go carry out our plan. Unfortunately we discovered that the puppy had been adopted by someone else and was being picked up that very afternoon.

This one wasn’t meant to be.

A week later, I found an ad online advertising a litter of smooth collie puppies, seven weeks old. I looked up the breed profile, and was interested. Trent and I went to check them out. They were cute, but I wasn’t thrilled about how they were going to look when they were older. I passed.

Finally, I saw an ad on Petfinder again for a litter of puppies at a shelter about 85 miles away in Chester Springs, PA. I filled out an application online and emailed it over. Three days later, I got an email back saying that we were approved to adopt, and when could we make the trip out there to see them? Trent and I left within fifteen minutes to go check out the litter.

There he was, the furry little monster, tri-colored and handsome, just tugging at my heart strings; a Greater Swiss Mountain Dog/lab mix. We got him out to play, and I immediately fell in love. We lied about owning a house, and brought the little man home, naming him Raleigh. He’s great. Except that he sleeps literally 85% of the day. He’s sleeping right now. He was sleeping an hour ago. He sleeps A LOT. Oh well.

He’s going to be the size of a horse. I need to build a stable and start harvesting hay. Just kidding. I don’t know how big he’s going to be. But probably huge. I guess we’ll find out.

Halloween is just around the corner. Sometimes I forget that Halloween is a holiday. Then when I remember, I forget that it’s a holiday for children to dress up in costumes and get candy, and not actually a holiday where 20 something year olds dress like skanks and pound Budweiser until their livers decompose. I hope no children knock on our apartment door this Halloween. I don’t plan on buying any candy.  I think instead, children should stop by and bring ME candy. Twix bars, specifically. I will also accept 1 or 2 5th Avenue bars, as I recently found out how delicious those are. I’ll be posting a sign on my door. I’ll make it real obvious what the deal is.

Twix or GET OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My Blackberry has gotten worse. It no longer makes noise. I keep getting 100 missed calls and waking up an hour later than intended because of its malfunction. I’m pissed. This isn’t going to work anymore. Verizon needs to remedy the situation. I don’t believe in spending $90 for a replacement phone when it is the PHONE’S fault that it blows. I DON’T EVEN DRINK ANYMORE!!! Don’t they get this? I’ve only dropped it once.

Or thrice.

Okay, bye.


“I’m going to chooch!”


2 Responses to “Puppy love.”

  1. Cesar Milan October 12, 2010 at 10:34 pm #

    I believe he’s part Beagle.

  2. beccasheppard October 13, 2010 at 9:38 pm #

    Randon, I’m killing you sooner versus later.

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