So easy a caveman can do it.

31 Aug

Forgive me for sounding like a broken record, but Facebook chat’s inefficiencies? Really? Facebook chat is less advanced than a formula baby. Why haven’t they figured this shit out yet? We’ve put man on the moon, created cheese in an aerosol can, and made Star Jones skinny, and we can’t develop a reliable form of instant messaging on Facebook? Let’s get with the program, boys.

I’m starting to get really pissed at drivers in the state of Pennsylvania. Nobody understands how to properly enter the interstate via the entrance ramp. You know how normally, everyone already on the interstate moves on over to the left lane, and people on the entrance ramp put the pedal to the metal and gun it into the right hand lane to smoothly transition into traffic? Well, not here. Here in Pennsylvania, everyone, and I mean everyone, turns the entrance ramp into a parking lot. Traffic backs up 15 cars at a time. No one on the interstate moves over into the left lane to make room for cars entering the road. By the time a car attempting to enter the interstate DOES finally eek its way in, it has to go from 0 to 60 without getting steamrollered by a Mac semi. This is such an easy problem to fix. Am I the only person that realizes this? I FEEL LIKE I’M TAKING CRAZY PILLS!

Moving on.

Since I drove my car through Niagra Falls and sucked 8 gallons of water into my engine, I decided that I was not interested in putting a third motor into my Neon, and decided that now was as good a time as any to get a new vehicle, perhaps one more suited to my job as a roof hustler. An SUV, Jeep, or truck would be ideal, I decided, and began scouring Craigslist. I came across a handful of vehicles that would do; a ’99 Chevy S-10, a Jeep Cherokee Laredo, and another Jeep Grand Cherokee, all for very low, reasonable prices.

First I called S-10, but someone was already planning on looking at the truck the next day. I then inquired about the Jeep Cherokee Laredo. A man who I confused for an Indian, but later found out was some sort of African, informed me that he was asking $1900 for the Jeep, but had to sell it today because he was leaving in literally a couple hours to move out of the state. I told him I would give him $1450 for it. He agreed.

Trent and I go to visit Indiafrica to see the Jeep. Within minutes, Trent convinces the man to give him the Jeep for $1000. Hustled. We buy the Jeep.

Two hours later, S-10 calls and says the other guy failed. The truck was ours if we wanted it.

We are now buying the truck and selling the Jeep. Welcome to Autotrader.


“I just tried to leave but now Sexy Back is playing….f*ck.”


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