18 Jul

Hayley Williams kicks more ass than Brad Pitt got in his single days. I have a girl-crush on her and her voice. I’m not ashamed to admit it. I’ll stop there before I get into any graphic details, but, you get the idea.

Moving forward.

There are certain things that human beings do that make me want to exile them from humanity. For example, wearing Crocs, saying “I seen you,” sharing personal emotional turmoil for the rest of the world to see in their Facebook statuses (i.e. “I can’t take this anymore… :-/ “, supporters of Tyra Banks, people that refuse to remove unsightly facial hair, and then, this guy:


Where did his mother/education go wrong? Why do people insist on doing this to themselves? Spelling things wrong on purpose is so, SO irritating. “Iz?” It is the exact same number of letters as the correct version, “is.” It saved this individual zero energy to spell “is” wrong, and made him look exponentially stupider than Farrah from 16 and Pregnant. “Lookz”? Really? Same thing. Five letters. Five letters either way. You can choose to look like a complete disgrace to humanity, or you can look semi-coherent.

“Dat.” Is this individual just trying to set himself apart from the “norm” and claim uniqueness by starting his own language, or does he really think that the word “that” is “dat?” I know toddlers that can spell better. Really I’m surprised that this boy is capable of even remembering to breathe on his own. Stevie, you have the IQ of an air mattress. You don’t belong with the rest of us. Maybe you should find a way to make yourself a decent contribution to society by joining some cattle at a slaughterhouse and offering your body for meat. That’s about as useful as you’re going to get. I’m pretty sure the ground beef burger patty that will be made from your useless carcass would still have more intelligence than you.

Sigh. Maybe we can start giving out hunting licenses to take these people out for sport. The end.


“I wanted to come to your wedding, but then I realized that I would have been the only black person there, and nobody likes that.”


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