Dream Works.

8 Feb

“So last night I had a dream that I was with Cory Duvall and we were trapped in Iran. My only way out was to sneak out wearing a zebra suit. I was too big for it but I had to fit in it anyway, so I squeezed into it. I wasn’t afraid it wasn’t going to work; my main concern was that I would overheat in it. So I went shopping online to compare zebra suits against horse suits, but I only found that it would be hotter than the zebra suit because of the thickness of the hair, so I stuck with the zebra suit despite its size. Then I got caught on my way out, because there are no fucking zebras in Iran. The guy that caught me told me this, and I was like, “I even researched horse suits, but I stuck with the zebra!”

-Brandon Franks


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