Work it out.

5 Feb

I was greeted by yet another application as I logged onto Facebook just now, this one titled “What color are you?” I don’t have to take a quiz to tell you I’m white as fuck. Are we clear?

Classes are on the go again, and my motivation level is as low as my child’s birth weight will be on account of FAS. I am already looking forward to summer vacation. Not just because school can suck my dick, but also because I am actually sick of walking through the meatlocker we call the Midwest. It is so cold. I didn’t know it could actually GET this cold south of the Arctic Circle. I’m over it. It needs to go.

In other news, I have gone 14 days avoiding the many calls and messages received from Cold Stone Creamery. After my last call informing me I was supposed to have opened the store on Tuesday morning (oops), I assumed I would be fired. The bittersweet outcome, however, was that I was welcomed back with open arms. I wish I didn’t have to work. Then again I’m as poor as the quality of Kehly’s schoolwork. School is not for me. F.

I need to watch the movie Animal House. I can go no more than six or seven days without somebody directly referencing the movie to me, wherein I stare blankly with no understanding of what they’re talking about. I’ll have to get on that. Movie night anyone?

Time to do homework. I can hardly contain myself.

“Well after you left, she and I started talking, and–well one thing led to another and—”
“Did you sleep with her?!”
“No! No, I only kissed her.”
“That’s just as bad!”
“I don’t know, but it’s worse!”


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