Study Guide.

5 Feb

I’m having some serious commitment issues. I can’t commit to school, and I can’t stop committing to alcoholism.

Midterms kind of caught me by surprise. Sure, I was fully aware of our upcoming spring break, but apparently I overlooked the fact that with spring break comes a week of ass-beating finals. Today I realized that I have four tests next week, none of which I feel even remotely prepared for.

I need a study guide. I don’t mean an outline of all the topics that have been covered this term in my classes; I mean like a study sherpa. A person who knows everything there is to know about the subject and knows what’s going to be on the test, verbatum. I’ll check Unbelievably enough, I started writing out a review for Gender Roles this afternoon. I’m currently taking a hiatus from the matter, because it was beginning to drive me insane.

Anyhoot, this weekend I’ll be needing to do some serious reading and note-taking. I’m going to Council B for the weekend, though, and that bears bad news. Of the good baker’s dozen times I’ve lugged my bookbag back home with me over a weekend with the intention to study, I have not once even glanced in the direction of my books. Instead, I chase my dog, party with my amigos, and play games with my ma. I’m super productive.

This weekend needs to be different. I have slacked in ways unimaginable this term, and midterms will definitely reflect my worklessness if I don’t grab the reins here. By the way, I hesitated at the word “reins” for a good 45 seconds, trying to decide if I had spelled it right or not. Speaking of spelling, yesterday Kehly asked me how to spell “room.”

Make your own comments.

Don’t put empty ice cube trays back into the freezer without refilling them first, jackass. There are few things about freezers that piss me off more than freezer burnt ice cream and empty ice cube trays. Don’t do it. Just fill it up. For some reason however, filling ice cube trays isn’t one of my strong points. Despite my handicap, I fulfill my responsibility and do the best I can. I don’t know if I can explain how someone can have poor skills filling ice trays, but I assure you, I’m not good at it. Maybe there’s a class I can take, or a note I can get from my doctor.

ANYway. I’m becoming incredibly restless, and I’m not even doing homework yet. F!!! I need to though, or I will fail.

Peace out negros.



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