5 Feb

From the album:
“♥ApPLEs*CaRAmeL♥ & FrIEndS”

^ There are so many people in this world that I want to choke. I don’t have time to get to them all.

I am about 3 hours from attending Bore Fest 2008. I would honestly rather watch sixteen consecutive hours of educational television than attend this play. I would prefer to stare at a bowl of mashed potatoes all night long than go. I intend to leave AT LEAST by intermission, if not after the first act as my classmate suggested. Apparently the script and so forth is on Sparknotes (thank the lord for its inventor) so I can BS it from there. Good. Good news for me. I’ll pretend my water broke and that I have to make a hasty, emergency exit from the theater. Usually works, except people start to wonder how you’re pregant so often.

I’m off.

Me: “I’m eating one of your Pringles. Just one though.”
Amy: “Yeah, right. You can’t eat just one. IT’S THEIR SLOGAN.”


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