Turning Japanese.

4 Feb

December 4, 2007.

Finals are scheduled for the week of December 17th through the 21st. I recently discovered that I have a final on December 11th, a week from today, and by “recently” I mean “this afternoon.” I calmly responded to this realization by flying into an unrestrained panic and screaming for a paper bag from the floor of my bedroom. This is not good. In lieu of this fast-approaching exam that I am ill prepared for, I will not be joining my peers in the college tradition we like to call “binge drinking” this weekend. Please don’t cry. My liver needs a break anyway.

Just kidding; people get liver transplants all the time. That kind of surgery can be done over the weekend

Naturally I am at the IMU ITC. I just purchased a plate of sushi from the cafeteria. I’m always a little skeptical of the sushi from this place. Unless my California rolls are coming from an authentic Asian establishment with the suffix “-iku” or “-aki” in the name, I’m not certain I should trust it. Regardless, I’m a risk-taker. I take risks. It’s what I do.

Christmas break cannot come fast enough. I’m considering dropping out of school at this point. I am completely disinterested in all of my classes, and I am literally three weeks behind in all of my readings. The problem is, I’m worthless. So…that’s a problem. End.

Fuze Tropical Punch has changed my life. It is delicious. That is all.

I suppose I should start studying my app off. Ehhhhhh.

“What is this, a headband for ants?”


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