4 Feb

The weekend looks bleak for me, ladies and gentlemen. The majority of it will be spent pouring over books and notes in an effort to not bomb the shit out of my three upcoming finals. Very exciting.

I need to dye my hair again. Bad. My unsightly roots put that of a redwood tree to shame. I currently have two-toned hair; auburn, and the “don’t know what to call it sort of ugly dishwater color” drab shade that comes to me naturally. Thanks, God. Real flashy. Anywho, that is one thing I will be doing tonight. Another is watching Superbad repeatedly with Kehly. It should be a fine evening.

I get really pissed when I see people walking in the frigidness of the wintry outdoors without a coat on. Who do you think you are? You think you’re a tough guy? We’ll see who’s bragging when your balls freeze off, bitch. Just put a fucking coat on. What’s worse is when people wear shorts. Are you kidding me? Where do you get your weather reports from, Gwam? Non-English speaking foreigners are more prepared for the elements than you are. When you confront these people about their inappropriate attire, they all have the same answer that they sputter out of their blue lips. “–it’s not that cold out.” Right. And I’m Charles Manson. Shut the fuck up and wear a jacket, damnit.


I am having serious commitment issues with homework. I dick around on the world wide web for an unnecessary amount of time before I finally plunge into my studies. Of course when I say “plunge” I mean “glance at” for no more than 5 minutes at a time. I need help. Someone help me.

HELP me, HELP you.

Kidding; Tom’s a freak.

I’m off to try to study. FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK. But before I leave, I want everyone to know what is happening to my immediate right: there is a man who appears to be the next unibomber, a greasy, overweight, grizzly man with greasy ass hair, thick glasses, and arms bigger than one of my legs devouring endless pages of Anime comics while laughing too hard to control himself. I snagged this photo:

You can see him covering his mouth in an attempt to muffle his childlike laughter in lieu of his ‘hilarious’ Japanese cartoon fest. I think he’s popping a woody over it.

What a weirdo.

“Whatever, I don’t have time.”


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