4 Feb

I can’t get “The Final Countdown” out of my head. The real kicker is that the only line that keeps repeating in my mind is “IT’S THE FI-NAL, COUNTdowwwwn!” and then that freaky keyboard sequence. It’s bothering me. Someone help me.

The temperature is currently 14 degrees. I know that winter has officially stopped fucking around when, instead of my nose continuously running, my snot becomes frozen solid in my nostrils. My face and ears are taking a beating while walking to and from my apartment to classes. I’m considering wearing a face mask to save my flesh from further damage. In fact, a face mask would be beneficial for a number of reasons: not only will my entire face be comfy cozy, but I will appear just as, if not more dangerous, than all the potential rapists who are out and about, lurking around corners and such, drastically reducing my chances of being attacked. I’m doing it.

I am bothered by people who do not leave “I need phone numbers” groups. I will find someone’s profile and think, oh, they are potentially interesting; I should see what hilarious groups they are a part of. Then the first six groups are “Lost my phone!!” “Got a new phone, need numbersss!” “I need ur phone numbers.” These groups just spoil the group list section for me. Do people realize you don’t even need to join them? You can just message the person immediately upon request, and that’s that. Dumbasses.

I am so bored with studying. I just fooled around with the idea of writing on peoples’ walls with messages like, “Hope you feel better soon,” and “Congratulations!” without offering an explanation when they ask what I’m talking about, just for kicks. I’m such a tool.

Well, again I need to spend time on exam studies. I’M SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!11


Kehly: “I was young, ya know? I’ve sucked a lot of dick since then.”
Me: “Sucking dick sucks.”
Kehly: “I mean it’s a chore, but I’ll do it.”


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