3 Feb

I am so cold and so white. MY, GOD!!! (Wes Flores. Get on the Mexi-train).

I’m currently stationed in the ITC all by myself because it’s a Friday and people are drinking and dropping acid while I’m writing a paper for lit. Lit kicks my arse in seven different directions at once. I don’t even know what to do. I just don’t know what my teacher WANTS from me! Amy’s last paper was complete jibberish, and she got an A. What a bamf. I THOUGHT I wrote quite the perceptive paper, but I got a C. Awesome. So this time I thought I’d try harder, but everything I think is deep and thought provoking means squat to Sloth, my teacher. Oh well.

I am seriously so albino. My skin glows in black lights. You can see my skeleton through my flesh, it’s that transparent. What do I do?!

Well, I just downed Vanilla Frappuccino #1, which is soon to be followed by Vanilla Frappuccino #2 in a moment. I’m going to be a wired son of a B tonight at this rate, cause ah….caffeine is on the menu, fans. Anything to keep this ball rollin. Pop, coffee, energy drinks, acid, etc.

..is there caffeine in beer?

Survey says yes.



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