Wakey wakey, hands off the snakey.

3 Feb

Before I dive into more important matters, I just want to lay it out there that I actually received a message after my last post that asked if I hated Asians. Hahah. That person will remain unnamed and dear to my heart.

And yes, I do.

Just kidding.

Guess where I am: a) the ITC, b) the ITC, c) the ITC, or d) the computer lab (otherwise known as the ITC).

Wrong. It’s B. Why would I ever be in A or C? I can MAYBE see D, but my god. Fags. Go to school.

Today started off NOT by waking up on the wrong side of the bed, but by not waking up period. I set two (2) (dos) alarms on my cell phone, one for 12:30 and one for 12:45, both of which I either a) disregarded, or b) failed to hear, resulting in me damn near missing my lit final. Laura came in and woke me up once and asked me when my final was. I said “2:15” in an irritated manner, because I imagined it was around 10 a.m. at that time, and I dislike being woken up. I plummet deep into a slumber again.

Some time later, Nick comes in and wakes me up, again asking me what time my final was. “2:15!! God, what do you guys want?” Unless you have cooked me a breakfast feast of epic proportions, do NOT, under any circumstance, disturb my REM cycle. He responds, “Becca, it’s 1:44.” I stare blankly, attempt to comprehend what he’s saying, and then fly into a full-fledged panic. “ARE YOU SERIOUS?!?!” My final was in the EPB which is a lightyear away from Mayflower. The next bus would come at 1:52, and that wouldn’t be fast enough. I jump out of bed, brush my teeth, put on some pants (I think), and thankfully Dani offered to drive me there in the NICK of time.

P.S. the final was dec. (“dec”ent…short for “decent.” Get real).

Anyway, the rest of the day is going just swimmingly. I did some hardcore kitchen cleanage with L-Bomb, ate some microwaveable burritos con sour cream (me hungry) and actually put my contacts in. I’ve been far too lazy the past, oh, two months or so to ever put them in, and it’s been affecting my performance. I’m blind as a bat. Without my lenses I couldn’t tell Kehly from a hippopottamus, not that I could before.


But seriously, I can’t.

Welp, I’m in a studying bonanza again now. With one final down and two to go, I’ve just got Espanol y Quimica left. That’s “Spanish and chemistry” for the layman, otherwise known as English-speaking American.

“Let’s bake mabies. I mean make babies.”


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