Veishea: A Timeless Tradition.

3 Feb
Hello people of various races. How are you all doing? Awesome. I care not.

Well, the weekend wasn’t a disappointment of any sort. Kelli and Katie came up to celebrate the creation of alcohol with the natives of Iowa City. Madden’s birthday fiesta was out of control. We had ordered the 2nd keg by 9, and by 10 there were too many people to breathe effectively. It was intense. I fell off the same chair twice and hit the floor like a rock. Both times I got showered and drenched in beer. Thank god I was drunk. I probably enjoyed it. At the time I didn’t think I got that drunk, but in retrospect, I DID get that drunk. Good times, great oldies.

Saturday was spent being a pile with the fellas. We had a little incident in Nick’s room when Steve and I kneeled on the bed to peer out the window for some reason. Nick got aroused and started thrusting behind me. My face pressed against the screen of the open window, and suddenly, *click*–and the screen sailed downward, crashed on the ground, and proceeded to blow some distance away. That was inconvenient, but we took care of it.

I’m growing quite tired of this stuffy nose business. I have crumpled kleenexes and rolls of toilet paper surrounding me no matter where I go, and my poor little nose is taking a serious beating. I need drugs. Then again, who doesn’t.

Veishea is fast approaching, folks, and I am thoroughly excited. I’m just going to be drunk for 48 hours straight. I hope I don’t die. I’ve decided to avoid massive hang overs by hooking myself up to an alcohol IV at night so when I wake up, I’m still legitimately drunk, and the party will just continue from there. Some might say I’m a genius; I won’t argue. What is Veishea, you might ask? Well, the slogan is “Veishea: A Timeless Tradition.” A tradition of what, no one seems to know, but everyone celebrates it in the form of belligerent drunkenness, voilent rioting, concerts, pancake feeds, lighting shit on fire, tipping cars, beating children, and other fun and games that you could only imagine in your wildest dreams. I CAN’T WAIT!! Hand me a beer. I’m starting now.

I have two tests on Tuesday. One I will dominate. The other will dominate me. I get a bit of both worlds.

Cole: “She’s alright, she’s got big boobs–”
Kyle: “And the face of Clint Eastwood! A weathered face, manly features–she looks like she’s from the wild, wild west!”

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