Valentine’s Gay.

3 Feb

Caps loc can scare the shit out of me. I’ll be rapidly typing along and thEN SUDDENLY I AM YELLING AT MYSELF VIA KEYBOARD. It startles me every time. Every time.

I don’t like it.

I’m in the ITC. Surprise. Normally it’s one hundred below zero in here, but today it’s a smoldering french oven. I’m sweating. Not a good combination considering I haven’t showered “recently.” Good thing no one is sitting directly to my left or right. Ha.

Well, I have two tests that I was unaware of on Tuesday, and that means I’m clamping down on studying. Not an easy thing to do on account of my self-diagnosed ADHD. Is there a certain way to become motivated to study? I’m not sure that there is, and if sdj (Jesse Winters just smacked me in the head, hard)—someone knows about it, they need to tell me ASAP.


I’ve been thinking about the name “William” for a while now, and there are a lot of odd things about that name. For one, the nickname for William is “Bill.” I’m no Einstein, but in my humble opinion, that doesn’t make a speck of sense. Wouldn’t “Will” be more appropriate? Secondly, the name “William” is very very English, whether it’s British or American, agreed? Why are there so many damn Asians named William? Seriously. Go on Facebook, and search under “William.” About the first 25,000 are rice farmers. It’s out of control. What ever happened to the good old “Ling Ping Wing”s and “Wang Chang Wung”s? Last time I tossed a fork down an empty hall way, it didn’t make the sound “William.” More of a “Ping.” Idiots.

I’m going home this weekend. Good ol’ Council Bluffs. Home of the uncommonly large Hy-Vee and Squirrel Cage Jail. Laurel’s bloodline is hosting another festive party, this time for Valentine’s Day. What better way to drown your sorrows about V-Day than to consume large quantities of alcohol.

I don’t know why everyone gets so worked up about Valentine’s Day. People that actually sit at home and pity themselves seriously need to get a hobby. “Valentine’s Day is SO gay…gosh it sucks. I’m such a loser! No one loves me!!!!11” Fags. How is it any different from any other day that no one likes you? Although I sometimes get a tad jealous of the people that get balloons and chocolates, because I like to suck the helium out of balloons and I like to eat chocolate. Get over yourself.

It’s so hot in here.

“‘Sorry’ doesn’t put fingers back on hands you idiot!”


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