That’ll Happen.

3 Feb

Hello all. I’m in the ITC where I usually am, except this time I’m drunk.

Just kidding. I just scalded my skin by spilling hot chocolate all over my hand in the Mayflower Market. The tap doesn’t stop when you stop pressing the button; instead it keeps drizzling out hot cocoa for a few seconds. I was trying to cheat the machine and perfectly top it off, but I underestimated the volume. In an attempt to remove my cup from overflow’s way, I instead spilled it on myself, and now I have third degree burns. It’s not too serious.

Last night while watching Troy, Marcus made a great point. And I quote: “When did names go from being ‘Groccus’ to like, ‘Tony?'” Ha. Good point. Great, solid point. I have no idea, and I don’t think anyone else does, either. Great move though— “Brian” is a lot easier to say, spell, AND pronounce than “Anthropophagi.” That’s a real name, by the way, from “a cannibal faerie. He has no head, but his eyes sit atop his shoulders and a mouth may be found in his torso. His lack of a nose allows him to eat human flesh without gagging.”

….Very interesting. I’ll stick with “Aaron,” meaning “mountain.” That’s just me though.

I was thinking about Hanson the other night at in the car when Kehly and I discovered it on a very old blank CD. This is quoted from the Hanson website, that by the way I feel stupider for looking at:

“As in the past, Hanson’s creative instincts didn’t let them down. It was the same drive and inspiration which led them to create “MMMBop,” the work recently hailed as genius by Bono to CD: UK. It also led the trio to Grammy nominations in 1998 for Best New Artist, Record of the Year and Best Pop Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocals. ”

Alright…I have highlighted the parts that I have major problems with. Let’s first take a look at some of the lyrics from MmmBop:

Mmm bop, ba duba dop
Ba du bop, ba duba dop
Ba du bop, ba duba dop
Ba du
In an mm bop they’re gone, in an mmm bop they’re not there
In an mm bop they’re gone, in an mmm bop they’re not there
Until you lose your hair
But you don’t care

Lots of problems with this. First of all, what record label in their right mind was like, “Ohhh…yes, MMMbop–that’s good. That’s the money maker–people will relate to that.” Yeah, maybe hungry people or toddlers. Bono apparently “hailed MmmBop as genius.” Are you serious? Genius? I didn’t know a song was considered genius when it only has like 6 real words in it. My Furby could have sung that song. Heck, it could have written it. Grammy Awards? Best New Artist? I could sing a Rock With Barney song and get that same award in that case. Also, it didn’t take “drive and inspiration” to write that stupid song. All it took was a 13 month old baby with a mouthful of mushy Cheerios just learning to speak and trying to sing along to Bob the Builder to write those “genius” lyrics. Hanson sucked, and they hopefully have all choked by now.

…I still enjoy the song on occasion.

I have two tests tomorrow. I also have ADD right now. Studying shmudying.

“That’ll happen! That DOOOES happen.”

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