Taco Tuesday, a.k.a. “Holocaust.”

3 Feb

WELL, today was another “mundane” day at work. I was supposed to work from 4 to close. I woke up at 4:12. I’m such a winner. People have just learned to stop reprimanding me though, because it’s useless. Work was extraordinarily busy, seeing as it was Taco Tuesday. People get really nuts about Taco Tuesday at Taco John’s. Stay at home mothers and the elderly become uncivilized, savage barbarians and attack the counter with unleashed fury. I’m not ready for that kind of violence–I’m only a kid.

Anyway, today marks the 6th day in a row that I have not washed my work uniform. Not that anyone could notice; the smell is indistinguishable at work. I could easily blame it on the mop sink, or Kehly. I could honestly make a taco salad out of all the food that’s stuck to my pants, though. I guess that’s kind of sick. Depends on your definition of “repulsive” or “unsanitary,” I suppose.

My internet is running extremely slow, slower than Kehly on a treadmill. I hate it when this happens. I get into this furious clicking fiasco, which is obviously counter-productive, and instead of letting my computer process whatever it is that’s making it run like a kid with down syndrome, I confuse it more. I start clicking and refreshing and furiously pounding my keyboard, eventually losing track of time and backhanding my monitor. Maybe someday it’ll work.

Probably not.

Meanwhile, I head back to the ol’ Iowa City on Saturday. I can’t wait! ME GUSTA UNIVERSIDAD! If I didn’t have to go to class, college would be the greatest thing to ever happen to me besides Dr. Pepper and powder-free latex gloves. P.S. I just joined a Facebook group called “Enjoy it now, because after college it’s called ‘Alcoholism.'” Hahahahah…yesss.

“SOMA SOMA!!! …you forgot to yell ‘Soma, soma.'”


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