Stuff Me.

3 Feb

Buenos tardes, friends and foes. What’s crackin? Sweet. I don’t care.

The time is currently 9:57 a.m. central daylight time. I just returned home from Espanol where I experienced an oral assessment false alarm. I was all antsy cause I thought it was today when, turns out, it’s tomorrow. Manana if you will, minus the tilde. You know, the little squiggly above the N…makes that unique Spanish sound…tongue rolling…anyway,

I feel like I got tackled in my sleep. I awoke this morning with a headache already in progress. How does that happen? Was I sleeping too loud? It feels like somebody is bowling in my skull. I’ve felt better things, like indigestion, or torture for example.

I’m getting really excited about Thanksgiving break right now. I seriously can’t wait to eat a feast of epic proportions in the form of turkey, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, peas, carrots, and ten gallons of gravy. I’m going to hop on that gravy train and hopefully drown in it. Oh boy. I would be anything but mad if I drowned in a tidal wave of gravy. A girl can dream. Anyway, a week of doing nothing but sleeping and eating is exactly what I need right now. Thanksgiving is just something everyone can enjoy. You never hear of people who don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, like “yeah I don’t believe in..America.” Unless of course you’re from Iraq, in which case, Yeah guys, you’ve made it perfectly clear–we get it. Bottom line is, unless you’re from the Middle East or anorexic, you like, dare I say “love” Thanksgiving.


And I’ll get it. BOY, will I get it. Turns out I’m eating three (3) also see “tres” Thanksgiving dinners in a span of 3 hours that day, just for the record. Katie and I have made a tradition out of sharing holidays since high school, so it’s a given that we both eat at each other’s houses for Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, etc. Meanwhile, I’m eating at Johnny’s house also and vice versa, on TOP of my own turkey dinner, reaching a total of three (3) also see “tres” HUGE feasts that day. I’m going to have to do stomach stretching exercises to prepare for this extravaganza. I’m not 100% certain that my digestive system can handle that sort of weather.

But it will.

I’m going to have to eat, blow chunks, go eat the next meal, ralph again, and then top off the final dinner, and most likely have to throw up after that also, especially if dessert is on the menu.

I can’t wait.

“I’m your SISTER!”


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