Studying is for fags.

3 Feb

Well…today began my studying marathon, and it’s going absolutely terribly. I was in the ITC for two straight hours and only copied one page of notes before leaving to go to Taco Bell when I wasn’t even hungry. Then again, when your “notes” look like these, you can’t expect much else:

This is what I have to study for human biology. These are the notes. Handwritten, straight from Professor Rudolph himself. These are the most incoherent, illegible scribbles I have ever seen in my life. Did he spell pass “pase?” Yes. He did. I can only distinguish four or five real words from this mess, let alone learn from it. And what is that triangular 3 dot symbol? I didn’t know hieroglyphics were still in style. Forgive me.

Oh, goody. Here’s a nice diagram that he’s drawn. I believe it’s supposed to be a punnet square. What are the two sperm looking squiggles at the top there? If I asked an infant to draw a detailed map of Urugay, they could have done a better job.

This is one of my personal favorites. I love the sentence that curls halfway up the right side of the page. I think “neuron” has an “e” tacked to the end of it, just for fun. I know monkeys that could prepare better notes. I feel REALLY bad for the kids who don’t speak English very well yet. I hate this man, and I hate how he teaches. I am completely frustrated from trying to study this unrecognizable chicken scratch.

It’s called Power Point. Hop on it.


I’ve officially been attempting to study for a total of five hours now, and I have accomplished close to nothing. I’m reaching the point where I just don’t care, and I plan on winging my biology final. Psych isn’t looking so promising, but Social Scientific will be a breeze I think. They usually are. Meanwhile, I’ll be hanging myself in the shower. Peace.

“I have such a dyke name.”


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