3 Feb

Well, well. I find myself again face to face with the heat of the weekend, and by “heat” I mean “frigidness.” This is neither here nor there; tonight I’m going to see Zodiac with the fellas and Kehly.

And then I will get drunk.

Since we’re on the topic, our friend and foe Marcus Howland a.k.a. “I drink half bottles of Ice 101 by myself” got obliterated last night. By himself. It was hilarious for a while until his Ice 101 made a guest appearance in my bathroom, or should I say “all over” my bathroom, and then an encore in a hefty bag some time later. I don’t know how one produces such large volumes of vomit. I think he lost his intestines via regurgitation, and still lived to tell the story. Anyway, he passed the F out, and we graffitied his ass. Literally and figuratively. Maybe take a gander at the album if you’re feelin’ squirrely.

I love my biology lab. Hate the class, but love the lab. Our TA is just ridiculous. It’s great. I’ll leave it at that. I dissected a cow eye today. The lab book referred to it as a “beef eye,” and I was humored, kind of like I am when I catch a glimpse of Kehly’s pant size.

“NICK, lock it!! Turn it!! There are walls everywhere!!”
“Well Marcus, you’re in a bathroom stall.”


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