Packing Heat.

3 Feb


What’s hatt’nin. Sweeeeet. Amy and I actually just engaged in a session of mad cleaning/packing in our room just now. It really happened by accident. We had upward to 4 large black garbage bags full of rotting food, skunked beer, and other unidentified paraphenelia that smelled of donkey ass just sitting around stinking up our room, so we started adding more trash to it and ended up tossing out a bunch of crap we didn’t want to pack to bring home. Years later, our room smells better and it looks like we’ve attempted to begin the moving out process. Very niiiice.

During this packing bonanza, however, I began to get slightly emotional about leaving. Carrie Underwood wasn’t helping the situation. I am seriously going to miss my amigos of 2 and 5 CD. Expect drunken phone calls weekly, all.

I recently checked my MySpace (ancient–tell me about it) and before the home page came up, the page simply said


Are you?

hahaha. It struck me as funny. Anyway,

I am really not motivated to study for my human biology final. I’m just not. I don’t know where to begin, and I can’t read the man’s notes to save my life. Faaaack. Oh well. I’ll try I suppose. Although last night while attempting to do some work for biology, I ended up drawing a very detailed diagram of my skeletal structure on my arm. See picture:

I’m off to the ITC. Actually I’m already here. I mean I’m going to start ACTING like I’m in the ITC and get some studying in.

“A shmoke an’ a pon-cake? no? Flapjack and a shigarette? no? vaffle and a pipe? no?”


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