Ny”KILL” Me.

3 Feb

Kill me now.

Finals are almost over for me, however the one to come, psychology, is going to rape me like a wild ape. My social scientific foundations of communications test went pretty well. I would hope so on account of studying from 3 in the afternoon until 4 a.m., a solid 13 hours of nose-in-book activity. Then I studied for literally ten hours for my biology test. The first half which was cumulative was a breeze. Then the second chunk got me, and it got me good. It was horrifying. I again considered spelling B-E-C-C-A down the page. I didn’t though. Some really random guessing was involved. Now I have psychology tonight, and I didn’t start studying for it until 3 p.m. I actually have half an hour left to study, but I decided to just stop. It’s making me actually want to end my life.

Moral of the story is, I’m irritated from studying, stressed from finals, having anxiety about biology and psychology, I’m starving, I have to pee like a race horse, and I’m sleep-deprived, running on a total of 8 hours of sleep in the past 50 hours. I’m about to write a living will. I’m dying.

ANYway, our friend and foe and throw up-enthusiast Marcus Howland has officially left us. Yesterday was a sad one. The rest of the family is leaving Saturday morning/afternoon, I being one of them. Tonight after my final, I plan on packing up my shiv, scouring every inch of the dorm room, and then passing the F out. I mean business, I’m going unconscious. I’m as tired as mother who just gave birth.

To triplets.

…or Kehly.

WELL, fellow Mayflowerites, it’s been real. I’ll miss you all.

Except you, Josh Appel. You’re a queer. You I will not miss.

Just kidding.

But seriously I won’t miss you OR your sausage.

Sheppard out.


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