Nocturnal Affairs.

3 Feb

Well, I woke up just in time for supper just now: 4:12 p.m. Haha. I’m such a waste of human life. Amy and I went to bed BY choice at 5:00 a.m. this morning, meaning I got a solid 11+ hour block of sleep last night/today. We were awake when the newspaper guy delivered the newspapers (friggin Daily Iowan). I am officially nocturnal. I’m going to begin to lose friends because our schedules conflict. I’m sleeping while they’re eating/studying/drinking/having fun/sexing. Then while I’M eating/studying/drinking/having fun/sexing, THEY’RE sleeping. What are the odds. I’m gonna have to start making friends with furry, mite-infested, nocturnal rodents if I want a social life from now on.


Seriously though; my activities are going to have to change from doing homework and partying to rummaging through garbage in the moonlight with the coons and possums. Seriously, by the time I wake up every day, the sun is setting and it’s getting dark already.

Back to bed.

Just kidding, I have to study again.

….and by “study” I mean get crunk.

and by “get crunk”….I mean study.


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