Me llamo es “stupido.”

3 Feb
WELP, started the morning off foreign which is something I’ve gotten used to since the beginning of the semester. Of course during our oral assesssment this morning I was slapped in the face with the reality that the rest of the class had gotten exponentially better at Spanish without telling me. I don’t know when everyone else became fluent in Espanol, but I missed the memo. To lay a little ground here, our assignment today was to present a commercial to sell a product. People brought in phones, iPods, shampoo, strap-on’s, etc. Anyway, while the majority of the class, including myself, struggled to produce the few simple sentences about our iPods or loofas, the girl who has me convinced grew up IN Spain showed us up, and showed us up good by TEACHING us how to Salsa. Not only did she bring music and elaborately describe the dance in Spanish, but I think she also translated it into Creole and signed for the deaf.

Over achiever.

I don’t know why some of the people are IN that class. It’s the easiest Spanish class available. It’s the retard Spanish, not meant for people who speak Spanish in their sleep.

You’re making me look bad.

…and that’s hard to do.


In Mayflower, each floor’s RA periodically puts together floor activities so that everyone bonds. Our floor has so far had Scary Movie Night for Halloween, Ask the Sexperts, Sex-Tac-Toe (…trend?), and a pot luck. They’ve been pretty fun and successful all around. Then Amy and I voyaged north into unchartered territory (the AB side–dangerous, I know) and made a startling discovery. Their current upcoming activity was “Learn to Knit!! Bring your needles and yarn!!!”

……..yeah……then we’ll make macaroni necklaces and eat glue.

I’m so glad I live on the floor that I do.

I CAN’T FIND MY UNIVERSITY ID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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