Mayflower or Hogwarts?

3 Feb

Allow me to begin this note with the fact that I want to choke people who do the “Memories!!” note slash survey deal. “OMG sally i TOTALLY remember when u & i did the sLip n sLid3!!! LOLZ!!!!!!” No one cares.

HAVE YOU SEEN THIS MAN?There’s this kid that distinctly resembles a filthy version of Harry Potter on methanphetamine that I am led to believe is following me everywhere. What started as an innocent coincidence quickly and clearly turned into a creepy situation. This man is EVERYWHERE I go, and to prove it, I sneakily take secret pictures of him on my cell phone and send them to the one and only Laurel “Free Me (of my clothes)” Freemyer. He’s bound to notice me doing this sooner or later, but what’s he gonna do, cast a spell on me?

I’m gay.

Anyway, this guy has everything, minus the lightning bolt scar, including the round glasses and brown curly hair that makes him Harry Potter. But not only is he constantly at the same bus stops and on the same buses that I am on a daily basis without fail, but he’s always “on his cell phone.” But don’t be fooled; he is NOT actually talking to anybody, and I have been observing him for weeks and have decided that he IS indeed pretending to be talking to someone. First of all, if you saw this guy, you would quickly conclude that nobody would ever talk to him in the first place, and especially not for that long. All he says is, “Yeah, yeah….oh, well yeah! Yeah..” while he’s engaging in this faux conversation.

With himself.

Creepy stalker.

“High five for stayin alive!”


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