“ITC” stands for “shut the hell up.”

3 Feb

I’m again in the midst of a study session in the ITC. Things were going swimmingly until the screaming broads returned from the other day. They’re yelling about Grey’s Anatomy and peanut butter cookies. They are so loud, like I don’t think you people realize. I really want to yell at them. Oh my god. One of them just made what sounded like a mating call; a sort of bird-ish gurgle.

…hand me a tranquilizer gun, Ma. We’re going hunting.

I’m going to snipe people that irritate me. I know everyone would thank me for it. It’s like citizen’s arrest: if we all agree, then I can’t get in trouble. The Constitution will back me up. Too bad I’m not a citizen.

Oh well, soon enough everyone will be gone and the lab will be vacant due to the mob of drunken bar-goers. I’m a loser; I’m studying. I don’t think my body would be in favor of a Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday AND Sunday (Super Bowl–keg is on the menu) drinking marathon, though. I’m pretty sure my liver would fall out of my butt. So books it is. Speaking of books, I just took notice of how great of a condition I’ve kept mine in this far into the semester. Then I realized it’s because I haven’t touched them yet.

Meanwhile, I’ve noticed that every time I’m in the ITC, the same black girl comes in and sits on the same computer and looks at MySpace. Meanwhile she’s on the phone gossiping about what’s on who’s page and who is trying to be her friend on it in her ghetto jargon. Ha. Go study.

I really like Facebook’s decision to flash the “Post Successful!” alert after you write on someone’s wall. They even put in the exclamation point, so it’s not like they’re just informing you that you did it right, it’s really congratulating you with a thumbs up. It really makes me feel good about myself that I was competent enough to write it successfully, and that Facebook is involved enough to give me a pat-on-the-back in the form of a “Congratulations, you did it!!!” message afterward. It’s like getting a smiley face on your spelling test back in 3rd grade.

That’s all for now.

Get jacked.


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