I’m Aggressive.

3 Feb
I’m currently seated in front of my computer (durh) devouring a Sara Lee sausage, egg and cheese biscuit..thing. It’s delicious, but the cheese does this little number where it gets stuck to the front of my tooth like extremely adhesive rubber cement, and it takes me a while to get it off. This leads me to believe that the cheese isn’t cheese. I’m no scientist though. Also, to my left, I have a glass of milk. Danger zone, I know.

I’ll take my chances with this one.

Normally at this point I would be hibernating in my bed, but I had an academic advisor meeting (first one this year–I’m a slacker, sue me) and then I got back and decided I was hungry, and while I was making food I decided I was bored so I hit the Facebook scene. At this point I’m not going to have a sufficient enough nap before class…but I find that there’s a solution to every problem: skip class. And that I will. Besides, it’s a chem lecture and Thurston is gone, meaning Professor “I’m boring and I like my laser pointer way too much” Erickson is back, so A equals B equals C, I’m not going.

I noticed the other day during College Transitions (which by the way is the biggest joke ever) something about classroom games. Teachers always try to come up with new “fun and exciting” ways to learn and get everyone involved in learning about STDs or bacteria or whatever by playing games, often in the form of Jeopardy or Bingo or by dividing the class into teams and write tallies on the board for points. This is nothing new. What you might not notice, however, is how intense these games can get.

When everyone hears the announcement that we’re *~*aBoUt tO pLaY a GaMe!!!!123*~*, a sigh of irritation is heard from everyone in the room, and we deliberately shuffle as slowly as we can into our groups because we don’t want to participate. Finally the teacher gets the ball rolling, and somehow everyone begins to have fun…and actually try. When does this transition happen? Suddenly, the slugs of the classroom who normally have little to no motivation to even eat or breathe simply to stay alive are screaming out answers and punching other classmates to get the right answer or to answer first. For some reason, everyone gets extremely competitive during meaningless classroom games. Usually there isn’t even a prize, unless it’s like a Blow Pop. (P.S. i hate it when Blow Pops are the prize but by the time I get to the bucket, all the red ones are gone and all that’s left is grape. Grape flavor sucks).

It sucks.

Get your game face on.


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