I Make It Rain.

3 Feb

I do not like men in women’s denim.

Is it raining for 40 days and 40 nights? Grab your axes and hammers, team, because we’re doing this Noah’s Ark style. I will chop up my futon and steal tires to build a raft and hold my own in this typhoon-like weather. I feel like I need to wear goggles and flippers to class. Worms have been flooding the sidewalks like nobody’s business, and the smell alone is enough to drive me inside to quiver in my cozy nest of a bed.

While we’re on the topic, on a historical/ biblical note, Noah’s Ark was built to hold 50,000 different species of animals. That’s quite the boat. They could have afforded to leave some species behind in my opinion, such as insects, spiders, and Kehly for example.

Of all the unnecessary things such as desk lamps, bulky picture frames, clothes that I no longer fit into but hoped that I would eventually with a bit of discipline and hard work (what a joke), and other frivolous junk that I brought with me to college, I really could have invested in an umbrella. It never even crossed my mind. Then again, it never really became an issue until this past week when El Nino decided to be a bitch and PMS all over the Midwest in the form of flash-flood warnings. I arrive to and from class everyday looking like a drowned rat. I could always just wear a Hefty bag.

Someone just knocked on the door to the ITC to be let in, and nobody moved. I then proceeded to shout out, “Not it!” An Asian man then assumed responsibility and reluctantly got up and opened the door. I love juvenile games such as “Not It,” “Jack-Jack Seat-Back,” and “Brrrrdddttt” because no matter how immature they may be, they always still apply to the adult world, and are understood and accepted internationally, as illustrated by my above example.

Who else is excited about the activation of the air conditioning?! I sure am. I have my fan on, my air running, AND the windows open; anything to keep my room a solid arctic climate. NICE.

I recently had the desire to refer to Mike Jones as “Michael” Jones in a note of some sort, but I never really had the chance to bring him up in casual conversation. I suppose I could have mentioned his disappointing performance and unpunctual appearance at Veishea, but Veishea has come and gone, and my stories about it have already hit the papers. Apparently I was too tanked to attend his concert that night, but word on the street is that he sucked, and he sucked bad. Way to disappoint the crowd, Michael.

HA. See how I sneaked that in there? I’m a sly fox.

Amy again speaking about air travel:
Amy: “…do you think they’ll confiscate my straightener if I bring it on the plane? Do they really think I’m going to find a plug outlet and burn the pilot?”

Agenda for the night: Shower. Nap. Drink. The ol’ SND.

“Get fat or get out.”


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