How many pots have you smoken?

3 Feb

I have just microwaved myself a Four Cheese Lean Pocket. I am somewhere along the lines of feverishly excited to consume it in its cheesy glory. But on to more important matters: My life. What have I done lately? I’ll tell you what I DIDN’T do, and that’s cook my Lean Pocket enough. It’s still chunky and not hot. A lot like Kehly. In fact…that’s Kehly to a T. Anyway,

Last night was Wednesday Night Keg as I’m sure you all know and/or participated in. I noticed something at about 5:30 a.m. while Kehly and I were sitting awake because neither of us could sleep: I have no idea where the point is where I go from really tipsy to skunk ass drunk. One minute I’m sitting there sipping on my beer, doubting my ability to catch up to everyone else’s BAC’s, and the next moment I’m sloshing it all over everyone at the table, punching people, and slurring my words. Remarkable, really. I really went to town last night on my partying. My god. If it was drinkable, I drank it. If it was smokable, I smoked it. I probably would have smoked Cap’n Crunch if you had put it in arms reach. Thank god no one did.

I always have great luck with avoiding hang overs after WNK. That’s what I like about it. I also like Lean Pockets that are fully cooked.

Kehly’s “When The Saints” phone alarm keeeeeps going off. I’m about to hurl it across the room into a wall. I take zero responsibility for my actions. I believe I am being provoked.

Anyway, I’m going to go lay in bed for eleven seconds and attempt to nap before my back to back lecture marathon. Fun, as, tits.

“Fiiiiscal respONSIbility.”


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