Flame Broiled.

3 Feb
The sun was blazing through the stratosphere PRETTY relentlessly today it appears. I laid out for a solid 2 hours, give or take a few minutes, and my skin has fried. Plain and simple. I am red, tender, and smell of burning flesh. I believe I have contracted skin cancer–specifically melanoma. Send your condolences. I’m dying.

Aloe vera me, quick.

Today was a good one, aside from the severe 3rd degree burns I suffered from. I spent the day being worthless, followed by a quick session of tidying which made little to no difference in my room whatsoever. Our bathroom sink officially no longer drains. At all. It’s a large basin of water right now that refuses to lower itself. Apparently I need to put in a work order. I can no longer brush my teeth at the sink, but instead, in the shower. Maybe this will force me into better hygeine.

Probably not.

This evening was a pleasant one. Cole, Marcus, Nick, Kehly, Steve, Rachael and I ate at Airliner where I indulged in a fantastic pasta dish that was greasier than Kehly’s hair after a solid night of partying. After returning to the dorms, we did an experimental piercing procedure involving Marcus’s ear and Rachael’s good faith. Plainly put, Rachael re-pierced Marcus’ ear with a needle, apple, antiseptic, and wishful thinking. NICE job though, woman. It turned out fantastic.

Steve is an idiot and tried piercing his ear with a tack moments later.


I have yet to start studying for finals. At all. Not even a little bit. I’m becoming slightly concerned, but I have other things to do. Like get drunk tomorrow night, for example. We’ll see how it all pans out.

“I love bats.”

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