FACK it’s cold.

3 Feb

What began as your average brisk autumn morning quickly and ferociously evolved into Doomsday outside. GOO! I went into Spanish, the weather was normal. Fifty unstimulating minutes later I exit the Spanish building only to come face to face with Armageddon. The sky had blackened, the wind picked up, and it was FACKING freezing out. Not to mention it started to rain a sleet-ish type of rain that felt like millions of needles. Now it’s thundering like an angry god and it’s even darker than before. It’s an arctic monsoon out there ladies and gentlefags. I don’t know what to do. I need a ski suit. Find me a ski suit.

I had to jog in place at the bus stop just to keep my blood from solidifying into a frosty slush.

I’m displeased.

MAX–fetch me my cloak.

UPDATE: After I awoke from my hibernation-like nap after Spanish but before chemistry discussion, I ventured outside to find myself in the midst of a hail storm slash hurricane-like rain. Kill me now.

BUT NOW IT’S SNOWING!!!! I approve.


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