3 Feb

Bon jour. What’s crackin. Sweet.

WELL, I find myself as usual in the confining walls of the ITC. Fortunately there are no hooligans galavanting about and raising havoc like there often is, so that makes me happy. And again, I don’t know what Mayflower is trying to pull by making it first a blistering sauna, and then quickly and quietly turning it into an arctic tundra with blustering wind. I’m going to perish.

I just finished round one of my human biology study crammage. I’ve got a test tomorrow, and things aren’t exactly looking “up.” My professor for human bio is a friendly, but odd fellow. He’s one of those teachers that tries to make it easier for retards like me with no interest or goal in the science field whatsoever by “dumbing down” definitions and concepts and so forth, but instead turns a five word definition into a two page paragraph. Makes things real confusing; I get irritated and grind my teeth. I sincerely loathe his teaching style. The other day he took out his fake tooth and placed it on the overhead.

I hate my life.

Meanwhile, spring break wasn’t too shabby, but it wasn’t anything special either. Put in some hours at T of J, you know, got a little dirty West-Mex style. Raked in probably $100 or so; just enough to support my alcoholism for the next week and a half. I’m really looking forward to summer vacation at this point. If you think for one second that I will hesitate to parade around outside naked and bronze my sexy bod, you are wrong, sir. You are wrong.

I want a dog. I want a dog so I can name it either Maximus or Retard.

“Richard has been retarded all my life!”


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