Chickah Fried Rice.

3 Feb

My mother recently informed me that she has purchased a 42 inch plasma screen t.v. which I will not be benefiting from seeing as I no longer live at home. That’s annoying. Meanwhile, when the money should be shorter on account of them paying for my college tuition now, suddenly it seems the exact opposite. Apparently the cash cow is generously birthing it’s currency-like milk to my parents….I took that way too far. Buy me clothes, mom. Buy me clothes.

After receiving the news, my response was something along the lines of how relieved I was to finally be getting rid of our old Toshiba from the 80s. Toshiba, Mitsubishi–whatever. It was Japanese. It was ghetto, and had run it’s race in life. That’s when it occurred to me: the Orientals have been coming up with all this mind-blowing technology for decades: computers, cars, rocket ships, satellites, fridge magnets—why are they still using chop sticks? I think the native americans back in the 1500s realized that scooping your corn was far more efficient than pecking at it with sticks. It’s not rocket science. Get with the program, Hong Kong.

If you have never played iSketch online before, you should try your hand at it. It’s addicting.

Amy asked me how to spell “hem” and “stitch” today. I was mortified.


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