Behind Bars.

3 Feb

I just spent a solid two minutes struggling to open a candy bar wrapper, finally getting it open only to discover that it was already open on the other end.


My room is so cold right now. I am freezing.

^ I wish.

I’m almost, ALMOST tempted to shut the windows. “YOUR WINDOWS ARE OPEN!?!?! Man, you CRAY-see!” Yeah, spare me. I like cold rooms. Not when I’m sitting around naked though.


I can’t wait to hop back into bed and cocoon myself in my micro-fiber gel comforter. MMMM.

My espanol teacher kicks a large amount of what we call “ass” in America. He let us go 35 minutes early today simply because we asked. This was after I suggested nap time of course.

Anyway, that’s all for now team. If you haven’t read the White Power note, you should strongly consider it. It might inspire some of you to take chances in life.

Speaking of which, no, I did not suffer any bodily rejections to the questionable milk/hot chocolate, but there’s still time.


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