Beer & Deer.

3 Feb

Greetings, ladies and gentlemen. I trust everyone enjoyed their Superbowl weekend. I know I sure as hell did. It began with 4 pitchers of beer and ended with six more. Needless to say, it was phenomenal.

I’m in the ITC where I usually am this time of night. The kid across the table from me is typing furiously with a very interesting concerned/constipated look on his face. I wish he only knew how he looked right now. He’d be embarrassed. Sooo embarrassed. A lot like Kehly after stepping on the scale.

My biological mother called me earlier today to inform me that she might be able to get me a pair of tickets to either a Christina Aguilera or Justin Timberlake concert this month, both of which would make me pee my pants and possibly cry a little, much like when Kehly sits on my bladder [2+ points for the second Kehly bash–someone keep a tally]. Anyway, doesn’t really SEEM like my type of music, but I secretly harbor a serious appreciation and love for Christina Aguilera’s earthquake-inducing voice. She has a) the best voice on planet Earth, and b) has the best voice on planet Earth. Justin Timberlake is hot on a whole new level, AND he’s sweet. And he’s hot.

He is also very hot.

Moving on.

Katie informed me that someone dragged a dead deer into the elevators of her dorm building yesterday. That is plain disgusting. The fact that a stinky deer carcass was in the elevator is gross, but what’s more gross is the person who touched it. Not a slight touch or poke, either; a hands-on secure grip long enough to heave a 200+ pound bleeding mammal across multiple streets, up some steps, and into an elevator. This takes motivation and semi-insanity. How did no one notice this happening? It’s not like sneaking a pet hamster into a dorm. It’s like parading a billy goat into the mall. People have to notice, and quite possibly question that individual. Gross. I hope they get AIDS.

Still kinda funny though.

Studying time.



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