Anger Management.

3 Feb

In case you didn’t catch my current status here, I am seriously about to smite the obnoxiously, unnecessarily loud faggots in the ITC right now. I am desperately trying to produce a 5-6 page paper on the legitimacy of ADHD as a valid diagnosis for psychology, and I can barely breathe effectively because they’re ruining my concentration, in fact, obliterating it.


Just kidding. That’s horrible. But seriously, I’m going to start attacking. I’ve watched a lot of grizzly bear related Animal Planet in the last 24 hours, so don’t think I’m unprepared to make a barbaric, animalistic attack on these fruit loops who are disturbing my academic efforts.


Pass me a tomahawk.

By the way, I think it went unnoticed that I produced my 100th note the other day. Sort of a landmark, or an anniversary of sorts. I thought I’d throw myself a little party, give myself a pat on the back, you know. Nevermind.

In other news, Kehly’s a “big” deal. I seriously need to shower. My scalp is starting to itch relentlessly, and I still smell of beer and earth from the weekend. My hair is going to repel water again. We’ll see how it goes.

I’m off to smite.



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